Giant Flag Eats Brave Immigration Protesters


Here's the troubling photographic evidence ofwhatever's happening, at this building, the Anti-Immigration Headquarters and/or Dept. of Education at 12th & D SW. It appears the angry Latinos have been eaten by a monstrous American Flag. Our operative "Danielle W." says a few protesters escaped, blocked some traffic because why not, and are now headed for "the waterfront." CLICK "MORE" FOR AN EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT.

This is as good a time as any to introduce our new User Generated Feature, very loosely stolen from based on Vomity Andy Sullivan's beloved "Pictures of Frozen Trees Outside My Sad House" blog posts. Add to your cell-phone contact list, and send us your pictures of weird/funny/horrible/exciting stuff in D.C. -- this is the Gold Standard (UPDATE: OH YEAH THIS IS NOT SO SAFE FOR WORK, and the stuff you send us should probably be safe for the office) -- and we'll post them here, once each day, and even link to your blog or whatever. SUBJECT LINE MUST SAY "THE HORROR I'VE WITNESSED."


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