Angry Millionaire Wants to Kill Dept. of Education and Raise Executive Pay


Ultra-rich old troll Harvey Golubthrew his diamond-encrusted Depends around in a fit on the Wall Street Journal opinion pages after he read Warren Buffett's recent NYTimes op-ed asking the government to raise taxes on the super wealthy, which sounds like "napalm on ur testicles" to an arch-conservative like Golub. Why pay more taxes when you can eliminate giant swaths of the government completely? "Do we really need an energy department or an education department at all?" writes Golub. No! We do not need heating or spelling! What else should we eliminate? So many things! Here's another: Golub in 2010 lobbied to do away with executive salary caps at taxpayer-owned trash heaps like AIG, where Golub was chairman after the bailout. Now there's a decent use of public money! What else?

Harvey Golub's America, incidentally, is a nation of functionally illiterate people who go cold at night to pay their overlords gross amounts of money in order to continue ruining companies that taxpayers never wanted to buy in the first place. The government pay cap on executive salaries at AIG that Golub was protesting was half a million dollars.

SO: here is Harvey Golub on why he thinks Warren Buffett's tax proposal can lick his withered man boobs:

Why do we require that public projects pay above-market labor costs? Why do we spend billions on trains that no one will ride? Why do we keep post offices open in places no one lives? Why do we subsidize small airports in communities close to larger ones? Why do we pay government workers above-market rates and outlandish benefits? Do we really need an energy department or an education department at all?

Yes, why pay "outlandish benefits" to government workers when we can pay outlandish salaries to executives, etc. [Wall Street Journal]


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