Ann B. Davis Crashes A Ferrari Through A Giant Moustache In Today's Happy Nice Time Links


Like we always do at this time, some Happy Nice Time links to round out your day.

John Oliver made us, for a brief shining moment, care about net neutrality.

You slept on your chance to buy that house where Cameron accidentally kicked the Ferrari through the big glass window in Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

Apparently Jesus is cool if you rock a big weirdo beard, but not if you use it to promote beer.

Ann B. Davis aka Alice from "The Brady Bunch," she of the perpetually starched uniform and the immovable grey curls, passed away yesterday at the age of 88.

Adam Carolla says he wants to be the Al Sharpton of rich white people, except Donald Trump is already the Al Sharpton of white people, and also too poor people are lazy. Duh.

We honestly can't really keep track of what is happening on "Game of Thrones," but we're pretty sure it involves fighting and blood and probably some head-smashing.

A nation turns its lonely eyes to sideboob.


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