Ann Coulter: Police Should Fire On Liberal Protesters More Often

Golden turd soundbite machine Ann Coulter has squeezed out another Important Opinion about history: The police were doing agreat job when they were firing on those annoying Kent State protesters. Why is state power even there if not to kill protesters? Packs of "unruly" protesters are free target practice. In fact, while we're at it, let's just shoot any congregation of Democrats. It's what Abraham Lincoln would do. Watch the video after the jump!

Coulter tells a nice bedtime story (at about the 1:00 mark) about Civil War era "Democrat mobs" roving around lynching black people in New York, which is a reference to the 1863 Draft Riots, in which a lunatic contingent of pro-slavery whites went and attacked an orphanage for black children. These are the kinds of things Democrats still do today.

"Abraham Lincoln seized another mob, another Democrat mob -- they're always the Democrats, sends the military, a little detour up to New York, crushes the mob, comes back, wins the war and then Abraham Lincoln carries New York in the next election."

That's a pretty good election strategy: kill Democrats!

Ann Coulter could run Syria in her sleep. [Media Matters]


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