Ann Coulter Says It Is Now Time To 'Go After' The Obama Children


Despite steadfastly declaring a year ago that if people nominated Mitt Romney to be president, "we'll lose," fervent Mitt Romney supporter and reluctant believer in math Ann Coulter has now decided that in order for loser Mitt to lose slightly less appallingly, his supporters and the undecided tens of millions on the right must "go after" Sasha and Malia Obama. Of course, with recent Oaxacagate, we have seen that this subtle strategy is already well in effect. But now Ann Coulter has arrived, and she will take over from here. How does one go after a child, though, besides attacking their spring break style?

Is it like this?

According to Ann, so far it just involves going on television with particularly poufy yellow hair and saying, "Reap them," or whatever. This sweet angel named Hannity claims in a clip from a TV show he has that "in my opinion" it's quite unpleasant for a person to call a woman the c-word on air. Ann Coulter then segues beautifully into, Hey, this gives me an idea, of a different thing to do that is awful.

Just a recap:

I think it's more just going after the family members and the children, and by the way, that has been done grotesquely and viciously over the years by the left... think that would indicate that it is not the best idea. But also, how is it "time," when this insulting of the t(w)eens has already been happening since 2010 or so? Anyway, fake-endorsing Romney has given Ann Coulter a few more paid media appearances, and maybe now she is thinking long-term, and wondering if by advising Romney to ruin the lives of children, she will somehow ruin Romney's life too, and then Chris Christie will trundle on to a weird summer victory? We would watch that. Ve-e-e-ry closely. [Media Matters]


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