Ann Richards Gets Wish

Give 'em hell, Ann - WonketteThe former Texas governor and one-time Democratic star died last night. After the young George W. Bush ran her out of office in 1994, Ann Richards said, "I did not want my tombstone to read, 'She kept a really clean house.'"

Early reports say it won't say anything of the sort.

A few fun facts, after the jump.

* Richards was a serious boozer until 1980. She was worried that getting off the sauce would kill her wit.

* Dubya's winning of the governorship in '94 was widely seen as revenge for Richards mocking his dad at the '88 Democratic convention.

* She appeared on "King of the Hill," as a cartoon with Ann Richards' voice.

* Often said inexplicable things like this, "Let me tell you, sisters, seeing dried egg on a plate in the morning is a lot dirtier than anything I've had to deal with in politics."

Goodbye, Ann!

Former Texas Gov. Ann Richards dies [Houston Chronicle]

Bush Mourns Richards' Death [Austin American-Statesman]


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