Ann Romney Shames San Diego City Council Because She Didn't Get Her Beachfront Mansion Permit Fast Enough


Aw, cute! Ann Romney, the unintentionally comedic wife of uber-loser Mitt, took a break from watching herclassier-than-thou horse do ballet to eggsplain to the San Diego City Council why it can kiss her pampered ass because it did not approve the permit for her bazillion dollar beachfront mansion expansion in a way befitting Her Royal Highness, according to Her Royal Highness:

My name is Ann Romney. I am here today to express concern with the city of San Diego's noticing procedure for development projects. The hearing officer's decision on the coastal development and site development permit for my home was appealed due to potential defects with the public notice. Notice defects can be problematic for transparent government and public participation, two things that Mitt and I strongly support.

You are probably deeply and profoundly concerned about the potential defects with the public notice for Ann's home, right? You're probably losing sleep over it, tossing and turning and fretting about whether that $12 million house Ann and Mitt are rebuilding on the beach will be properly and quickly permitted, and nothing -- not those doctor bills you can't afford to pay, not global warming, not the outright persecution of the teabaggers by the IRS -- concerns you more. That's why Ann is talking to the City Council, you know. For the public. For you people.

Ann's latest tale of woe is devastating indeed. (And by devastating, we actually mean a total snooze, so we will just sum it up. That's right -- we watched her stupid two-minute statement so you people don't have to. You're welcome.)

Some document said some notice was published in the local newspaper on Aug. 19, 2011, but THAT IS A LIE!!!! because it was actually published on Aug. 22, 2011. The end.

Shocking! Devastating! Obviously, Fox News should do a 10-hour exposé on the corruption and failure of the San Diego County Clerk's office because, says Queen Ann, "a public agency making inaccurate statements in public documents can lead to the public's distrust of the process."

Isn't this just the most horrible, awful, terrible tragedy that you have ever heard in your entire freakin' life? Besides the way Ann and Mitt suffered and struggled to get by when they were a young couple, living on nothing but tuna fish and that stock portfolio from Mitt's daddy, obviously?

That is why Ann is speaking truth to power, so that no other millionaire will ever have to suffer this kind of injustice again.

I urge you to make sure that stronger protections are put in place so that in the future, permits are processed efficiently and correctly, and the public is afforded the proper notice and opportunity to be heard.

Yes, it is merely out of concern for "the public" that Ann poked her head out of her ivory tower to implore the City Council to give her that beachfront mansion permit RIGHT FUCKING NOW. In fact, the long-suffering Romneys have been so unhappy with San Diego's entire permitting process that they had to hire their very own lobbyist to expedite the whole thing because the Romneys did not want to have to wait for their 11,000-square foot house, complete with a car elevator. Waiting is for you people.

So thanks, Ann. Thanks for standing up to The Man on our behalf to retore our trust in the process by which you and your rotten husband can more "efficiently and correctly" be permitted to build your beachfront monstrosity. We people thank you.



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