Anna Duggar Wants You To Read Your Weekly Top Ten

By the time you see this, I will have had my first Crimmus!

Happy day after Christmas, Wonk-Wonks! Did Santa bring you all the dildos you asked for? Gee whiz, we hope so, but probably not, because you're reading this right now. Maybe you can find some at fire sale prices at the Big Lots after you do your Day After Christmas Wonkette Reading. Yes, we give you your top ten, even on little holiday weeks, because we love you.

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And we posted this one last week, but COME ON, it is Christmas Wonkette Baby. Look at it again!

Spare a few tuppence for her Santa hat, will ya?

CLUNK CLUNK, that is the sound of your money hitting us on our noses, WHICH HURTS. THROW PAPER CURRENCY.

Okay, here is your day-after-Christmas reading list, chosen as usual by the sciences:

1. For this week's Off The Menu, it was restaurant customers who REALLY, really (really really) weren't supposed to eat that.

2. Anna Duggar is pretty certain Jesus will keep Josh's Duggar Dick in his pants from now on. She's wrong, probably, but that's on her at this point.

3. Fox News: President Obama AGAIN proves how out of touch he is, by saying facts, and then being black again.

4. Bernie Sanders did a bad, will have to sue his way to the White House now. Except he won't anymore, because the Democrats kissed on the mouth and had make-up sex and everything is fine now.

5. Epic Comment Fight Of The Week: NO ONE IS SAFE! (Trigger warning, for trigger warnings.)

6. Mike Huckabee is very sad how everybody hates him so much now, including his Lord And Savior Jesus Christ.

7. According to a stupid white man, ALL OF AMERICA is boycotting the Sam's Club, because its CEO is so racist toward The Whites.

8. This Ted Cruz ad was just like a fake SNL ad, except for how it was bullshit and not funny.

9. Carly Fiorina admits she was wrong, which means she was right, IN YOUR FACE, SO THERE, SUCK IT.

10. And finally, OF COURSE Ted Cruz is That Guy who will spoil "Star Wars" forever, because he is an asshole.

So there you go, Wonkers. That's your assigned reading for Crimmus weekend.

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Now get the fuck out of here and go buy those clearance dildos.



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