Anna-Maniacs at the SCOTUS: An Update

Who knew that the Supreme Court could inspire such excitement and passion in people? Earlier this morning, a reader begged us:

anna nicole smith 2.jpgFor the love of God, Country, and all that is indecent, secure some photos of bimbo Anna Nicole Smith at the Supreme Court today, and put them on your site.

I have attended over 20 Supreme Court hearings in my day, and not once has Justice Thomas stayed awake for any one of them. I am willing to bet my womanhood that this is THE ONE hearing during which Justice Thomas will be awake and paying attention with perked ears and other bodily parts. In fact, I would not be surprised if he orders the [respondent] to rise, then sit, then rise, and then sit again, followed by a few rounds of jumping jax. SOMEONE, ANY ONE, FOR THE LOVE OF HUMANITY PUT UP PHOTOS OF THIS!

Why didn't I send it my stuff for the Sup. Ct. bar in time?????? DAMN IT!

Alas, as the Alito hearings recently reminded us, no cameras are allowed in the courtroom over at One First Street. So don't count on getting photos of Justice Thomas pulling a William Donald Schaefer on Anna Nicole Smith.

At around 11:40 a.m., our correspondent at the Court wrote us as follows:

STILL OUTSIDE! So cold. Only can get in 4 the ghetto 3 minute viewing. But at least here I can see the media circus & that guy from Entertainment Tonight. Or is it Access Hollywood. Hmmm.

Well, at least "that guy" is identifiable as somebody. Polls show that 57 percent of Americans can't even name a single Supreme Court justice, to say nothing of recognize one on the street. But Anna Nicole Smith -- she's a household name.

God Bless America.

Earlier: Mrs. Smith Goes to Washington: Blonde Bombshell Explodes at One First Street!

Alito, Meet Anna [On Deadline/USA Today]


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