Announcing the Very Special Winners of the Weeping Eagles!


Your editor is drinking cocktails alone in the revolving lounge of some highrise hotel in Pentagon City, due to a liberal mishap at "Reagan" National Airport. What to do, what to do? Make fun of David Ignatius' latest op-ed about how much better America would be if it was overtly run by spies and international gangsters? No that will take too long -- we've only got about five minutes before this part of the circular barroom passes the boring stuff (elevators, teevee showing LeBron James news about "The Heat") and then opens up on the whole National Mall stretched out in the night like some elaborate bowling lane lined with shining white stone monuments. Oh yeah, let's announce the Weeping Eagle Award Winners!

Seems like just last night when we were gathered together in the sweltering heat of an upstairs tavern on U St., handing out little patriotic eagle statues with glittery red nail polish tears dropping from their sad, dumb eyes. Alive Blingees, that's what they were. What they are. Wherever they are. Only the Daily Caller sent representatives to claim their trophy, and the Daily Caller wasn't even nominated for anything.

There's the Pentagon, hulking 3-D diagram of evil and Boeing contracts. Anyway, it was a good five-hour-long "happy hour" we had last night. We all met lots of readers and neighbors and media sleazebags and even some brave Wonkette commenters. (Very few people in Washington are commenters, for obvious reasons.)

And the winners are ....

History's Worst Congressperson:

Michele Bachmann

Most Awful Political Twitter:

Chuck Grassley

Washington Post op-ed columnist most likely to cause "Cancel my subscription" calls:

Charles Krauthammer

Most Loathsome Cable-News Regular:

Liz Cheney

America’s Bright Young Rising Star of American Political Insanity:

Sharron Angle

Party commander Arielle Fleisher, morning editor Josh Fruhlinger and summer intern/scary cartoonish Benjamin Frisch all try to work the broken mic. More pictures plus some video coming next week!


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