Announcing Wonkette's Political Book Contest Winners!


You people arefast! We announced our contest with Hachette Book Group less than an hour ago, and we've already got about a hundred entries. So, let's pick some winners now and get this over with, because otherwise we will have to read through a THOUSAND seven-word poems about why you need 11 political books.

Thanks for playing, everyone!

  • Need box they come in as house. -- Alex Winnett, Washington DC
  • Books alight warm hobo beans, whore diamonds. -- Paul Roberts, Philadelphia PA
  • My husband's been on unemployment since December. -- Bridget X., Atlanta GA
    [Is this too sad? --Ed.]
  • With books, I'll start Detroit's first library. -- Christopher B. Schneider, Detroit MI
  • I hate my family, need Christmas gifts. -- Pete Gaines, Lawrence, KS

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