Announcing Wonkette's Political Book Contest Winners!

Announcing Wonkette's Political Book Contest Winners!

You people arefast! We announced our contest with Hachette Book Group less than an hour ago, and we've already got about a hundred entries. So, let's pick some winners now and get this over with, because otherwise we will have to read through a THOUSAND seven-word poems about why you need 11 political books.

Thanks for playing, everyone!

  • Need box they come in as house. -- Alex Winnett, Washington DC
  • Books alight warm hobo beans, whore diamonds. -- Paul Roberts, Philadelphia PA
  • My husband's been on unemployment since December. -- Bridget X., Atlanta GA
    [Is this too sad? --Ed.]
  • With books, I'll start Detroit's first library. -- Christopher B. Schneider, Detroit MI
  • I hate my family, need Christmas gifts. -- Pete Gaines, Lawrence, KS

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