Another Koch Brother Who Gets Richer Exploiting America's Public Lands Buys Trinket For $2.3 Million


The Koch Brothers fund all these libertarian propaganda outlets to ensure they tear even more of the nation's wealth away from its lands and people, and like all evil dynasties their domestic lives are full of treachery and awfulness. That's why the Koch Brother known as Bill Koch is permanently at war with his siblings, David and Charles Koch. They've all been battling over the family fortune for longer than most people have been alive. They are monsters.

Anyway, the "poor one," Bill Koch -- best known for suing David and Charles Koch for stealing the oil from federal and American Indian lands -- just dropped $2.3 million to buy the famous "tintype" photographic image of Billy the Kid, a notorious criminal. New Times Palm Beach reports:

Bill Koch, one of the poorer Koch brothers -- by "poor" we mean he's worth $3.5 billion, compared to Charles and David Koch's $21.5 billion fortune, according to Forbes -- dropped a cool couple million on a rare portrait of Billy the Kid over the weekend.

Koch, the head of the energy holding company Oxbow Group in West Palm Beach, adds the tintype photograph to a ridiculous collection of top-shelf collectibles

[New Times]


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