Another Sad Old Republican Rep. Retiring

She has to go back to her home planet now - WonketteDeborah Pryce used to be "the most powerful Republican woman in Congress," but now she's not even the most famous Deborah in Washington. So, after a bitter and drawn-out contested reelection, she's giving up the ghost and retiring from Congress, just like Dennis Hastert. What a sad, boring August it's been! Goodbye, Deborah! You were never very crazy, and therefore of no interest to us whatsoever, but for some reason after you stepped down from your leadership role you basically turned into a Democrat, so it's probably best that you step down and be replaced by someone who doesn't love abortion so much. And with Bob Ney, Mark Foley, and Jack Abramoff all gone, she can't have too many friends left in town.

8-term Ohio Rep. Deborah Pryce to retire [Yahoo]


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