Another Silly Friday Poll: Dustee Tucker vs. Stormie Janzen, Continued

dustee%20tucker%205.JPGstormie%20janzen%202%20stormy%20janzen%20jansen.JPGBy now you're all very familiar with Dustee Tucker (at left) and Stormie Janzen (at right). Both are very attractive young women, with highly distinctive names, who work for Republicans (Dustee for HUD Secretary Alphonso Jackson, and Stormie for Sen. Jeff Sessions).

Earlier today, we asked you to vote on the sexiness of their names. The polls are still open in that race, and they'll stay open over the weekend. So if you haven't done so already -- or even if you have -- please click here, and cast your vote.

Now we bring you a follow-up ballot -- not about their names, but about Dustee and Stormie themselves. Here you go:

For those of you who need more information to make an informed decision, additional pictures of Dustee and Stormie appear after the jump. Isn't democracy grand?

(In response to your complaints in the comments to this post, we replaced the photo of Dustee that we used previously with a headshot adapted from this fawning profile. We hope that this substitution will address your concerns. Wonkette: fair and balanced!)

Here's a larger version of the Stormie Janzen photo you saw earlier:


Here's the infamous "thong" picture from Stormie's former blog:


And here are some pictures of Dustee:

dustee%20tucker%201%20hud%20spokeswoman%20spokeshottie.JPGWe obscured the face of Dustee's friend on purpose, because you commenters were so mean to her the last time around.

dustee%20tucker%202.jpgYes, that's Kay Bailey Hutchison holding a football helmet. Don't ask, we're as mystified as you are. Dustee is on the far right.


Following Her Dream [North Texas Daily]

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