Another Unemployed Loser (Tom DeLay) Starts a Blog

Suck it, creep! - WonketteHaving successfully destroyed the "Republican Revolution" and inexplicably avoided prison, Tom DeLay is now launching a " Grassroots Action and Information Network" and has a brand new blog.

Why? Because he wants to "further the online discussion in the marketplace of ideas," obviously! So far, there's nothing about bribery or murdering your enemies, but it takes time to develop an online "voice."

In the meantime, DeLay shows his vast understanding of grassroots groups by inviting you, the common reader, to become an "elite activist" for said grassroots group. Also, Tom would like you to "submit guest blogs" for his great new site, and we think that means he wants you, the elite grassroots activist, to write his blog. Please submit your best work today!

Tom DeLay


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