Ant-Loving Democrats Trip Over Themselves Criticizing John Boehner For Financial Reform Comment


House Minority Tanning Bed Salesman John Boehnermentioned in an interview with the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review yesterday that he believes the financial reform legislation before Congress "is killing an ant with a nuclear weapon." It's clear that John Boehner has not read the legislation, like a scumbag, because the legislation is targeted at the financial industry, not ants, and Democrats love ants, and also the U.S. hasn't used a nuclear weapon since 1945. But Boehner is in trouble because the entire Democratic party carefully reads every single line of every item posted on the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review's website every day, and they are being very angry red ants about this.

[youtube expand=1]


And then Obama hit this point hard for some Wisconsinites. "That’s right. He compared the financial crisis to an ant," Obama said. WE GOT IT THE FIRST TIME, SMARTASS.

If Boehner was trying to say this was a small problem, though, wouldn't he have called it an anthill, rather than an ant? Isn't "making mountains out of anthills" the expression? Or "molehills"? Something like that that, anyway. Ants can lift stuff that's like 3,000 times their own weight or something like that. They're very strong. Just like the financial industry in terms of Washington influence. So it's not the best metaphor.

YES, you don't need a nuclear bomb to kill an ant. But you don't need a nuclear bomb to kill lots of people either. And it's offensive to the Japanese to use nuclear bombs in metaphors if you're not Japanese.

[Pittsburgh Live/The Hill]


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