Amazing Anthony Weiner Manages To Get In As Much Opinion As Fox Anchor


Sometimes Anthony Weiner is an annoying, self-aggrandizing troll, but many times he is great! For example, here he is on Fox News, trying to give an interview about Clarence Thomas and his lobbyist Teabagger wife. But whenever Weiner finishes a thought, Megyn Kelly sees the need to slip in her own (corporation's) thought to try to slyly undermine what he said before she moves on to the next question. So Weiner responds to her responses, which really upsets her. This is not how a Fox interview is supposed to be conducted! You are supposed to just let them slip in stuff like this as if it's fact! "Children I've talked to say red and yellow make the color green, so—HEY, DON'T INTERRUPT ME."

Or, for another perspective:

After a couple attempts by Kelly to move beyond the disagreements and on to other topics the whole thing hit bottom as Weiner began berating, belittling, and insulting Megyn Kelly. [...]

I’ll let you draw your own conclusions but is this really proper behavior for a guest on a tv program? Let alone an elected representative.

Yes, God forbid an elected representative actually takes an active role in checks and balances, reading the law, and countering whatever random things Megyn Kelly's friends told her they thought about this situation. The proper role behavior for a guest on a teevee news program is to reinforce whatever beliefs the host promotes and the viewers believe in, obviously.

Enemy Fox guests should NEVER be able to get in as much opinion as the "journalist." [EyeblastTV]


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