• Your city is suing the Bank of America, as the bank's employees have been scamming D.C. with fake property tax checks since the 90s, when people still had property. [Washington Post]
  • Terrible meta-pseudoterrorism strikes the Atlantic Monthly, as a Documenterrorian sent the magazine some PR materials for a film about anthrax, which included a bag of sugar labeled "anthrax." [Fishbowl DC]
  • The free shuttles that you enjoyed to your Nationals games are maybe being threatened! [WTOP]
  • The debate about Maryland slots (slots) rages on, as teachers are in need of gambling revenues but don't want everyone to become addicted and gamble away their life savings, which for an Average American Family includes three cans of soup and a Sarah Palin Halloween costume. [DC Examiner]
  • That prostitute boss lady, the "D.C. Madam," who died last year, has conclusively died of suicide. [DCist]

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