Anti-Abortion Ohio Representative Has Never Thought About Why Women Would Want One


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You know what’s surprising (but actually, now that we think about it, is completely expected) is that a lawmaker who is doing everything he can to make abortions illegal has “never thought about” why a woman would have an abortion. He's not a woman, after all! How would he know what he thinks about something like that? It's because of er -- economic -- well, he's just not sure, darn it, because he's never thought about it, now that you mention it.

After an Al Jazeera reporter asked [Ohio State Representative Jim] Buchy why he thinks some women may want to have an abortion, he fumbled for an appropriate response before admitting he had never thought about that question before.

BUCHY: Well, there’s probably a lot of — I’m not a woman so I’m thinking, if I’m a woman, why would I want to get — some of it has to do with economics. A lot has to do with economics. I don’t know, I have never — It’s a question I have never thought about.

Jim Buchy, in case you don't already know him, has voted to prohibit insurance coverage of abortion, to prohibit abortion in the event that a fetal heartbeat is detectable (with exceptions for "medical emergencies" that "endanger the life or major bodily function of a pregnant woman"), and to prohibit abortion after 20 weeks (unless there is one of those aforementioned "medical emergencies.")



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