Anti-Crazy Bias Rears Its Ugly Head

Street-fightin' man - WonketteSenate candidate Alan Lichtman got himself arrested last night after he wouldn't leave a Maryland public television station.

The station was holding a debate between the leading Democrat candidates, Ben Cardin and Kweisi Mfume. Lichtman and 15 other would-be senators were not invited.

Baltimore County Police arrested Alan Lichtman, his wife Karyn Strickler, and the campaign aide as they attempted to enter the Maryland Public Television studio, where the debate was going to take place.

The trio spent about 20-minutes talking with an MPT employee and Baltimore County Police officer, before they were handcuffed, and attempted to lie down in the vestibule of the TV studio.

The '60s were freakin' awesome ....

Lichtman Calls Trespass Charges "Trumped Up" [WBAL]

Excluded candidates cry foul on debate [Baltimore Sun]


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