Anti-Immigrant Groups Collapse Into Hilarious Factionalism


Don't make me get muh strangling hands outA thousand thanks to Wonkette hero tipster "Geminisunmars" for pointing us to this story from the Colorado Independent about how lots of people who hate immigration -- including former Congressman/laff-a-minute presidential candidate Tom Tancredo -- have come to hate each other almost as much if not more so than the immigrants that they also hate. Tune in for drama involving neo-Nazis and "skin heads," PDFs of Facebook profile pages, passive-aggressive mailing list hijinks, and a special surprise gay-baiting guest appearance -- after the jump!

The core of this silly story is this: William Gheen, who is the head of the "Americans for Legal Immigration PAC," has pulled out of a big anti-illegal immigration rally in Phoenix that Tancredo is participating in, because the organizer is associated with "skin heads and Nazis." This sounds to us like a good idea! And yet it's really in the details of this story that the true hilarity emerges:

  • Gheen is in fact the dude who called Lindsey Graham gay in this speech. Tom Tancredo told him in advance that this was "bullshit," and, in the ultimate insult, demanded that Gheen take Tancredo off his mailing list. This made Gheen go "ballistic."
  • Gheen started trashing Dan Smeriglio, the aforementioned rally organizer, as a neo-Nazi, and offered as evidence his Facebook page, which you can download as PDF (really?) here. "Use your mouse wheel to look at page 2," he urges. You'll see that Smeriglio is a fan of Swedish neo-Nazi music! (Side note: Gheen can recognize Swedish neo-Nazi music?) You'll also see that dude is an outspoken "COMMUNITY ORGANIZER" (i.e., communist).
  • Tancredo called Smeriglio a "nice kid." You know who else was a nice kid, Tom?
  • Also, in a classic move, Gheen vehemently denied being associated with the Federation for American Immigration Reform, a Southern Poverty Law Center-designated hate group, and then just as vehemently denied that the the Federation for American Immigration Reform was a hate group.

Anyway, soon all these people will deport each other and leave all of us Mexicans in peace. [Colorado Independent]


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