Anti-Immigrant Immigrant Forced To Resign From Daughter Of Immigrants Nikki Haley’s Re-Election Campaign


Here is yr Wonkette’s attempt to condense all the wtf of this story into a single, grammatical sentence: Roan Garcia-Quintana, a Cuban immigrant and prominent member of the white supremacist, anti-immigrant group Council of Conservative Citizens, wasasked to resign from non-white spawn of immigrants Gov. Nikki Haley’s re-election committee almost a full week after Garcia-Quintana’s white supremacist ties were made public and, presumably, someone in Nikki Haley’s campaign was able to find five seconds to google “council of conservative citizens” and read the little blurb that appears under their name in the results, which is: “Advocating against minorities and racial integration.” Phew!

At first, we were going to refrain from being too hard on Nikki Haley for this one, because guilt-by-association kinda sucks, but this story broke on May 22nd and the initial response was to deploy spokesthing Tim Pearson to flack for Garcia-Quintana, saying “The IRS thinks conservatives should be targeted for abuse, but Gov. Haley does not”. So, two days after the initial report, the agreed-upon course was to flailingly link Garcia-Quintana’s weird racism to the IRS bargle. Obviously, something like the following conversation took place:

Hack 1: What do we do about this Cuban bastard?

Hack 2: Ha that fuckin guy? Can’t cut him loose too soon or the base will howl.

Hack 1: But we can’t keep him, much as we would like to because we are evil!

Hack 2: True. Let’s see, what will make liberals’ heads explode most biggest? I know, criticizing Roan Garcia-Quintana is just like the IRS thing!

Hack 1: But—

Hack 2: Just trust me… Hey, you gonna finish that bloodmeal?

It also should be noted that Roan Garcia-Quintana has a facebook page! Among his favorite books are “Atlas Shrugged,” “Ronald Reagan,” and also “Atlas Shrugged” viewed at a slightly different angle. Google also seems to think he was running for SC State Senate at one point, but that link now goes directly to his facebook page.

Also too,, South Carolina’s Homepage, has a few fun facts about this dude, such as he is a teacher! Also this quote:

“Is it racist to be proud of your own heritage?” Garcia-Quintana asked. “Is it racist to want to keep your own heritage pure?”

Is it racist to think white people are the best, and they shouldn’t mingle with people who aren’t white? Is it racist to be on the board of directors of a white nationalist organization that lists among its principles “We also oppose all efforts to mix the races of mankind”? Is it racist to note that that very same organization has its roots in the "White Citizens' Council" of the bad old days (though as Wikipedia carefully notes, it didn't formally use that name)? Do power companies hate this?

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