Hilltards Create World's Dumbest Website

Hilltards Create World's Dumbest Website

1996 called, and it wants its crappy GeoCities "home page" back where it belongs, in 1996. Here is the one and only monument to the great movement of angry middle-aged white ladies who managed to graduate high school: 35,000 of them got together and built the world's lamest website -- you must visit it; the letters blink on and off! -- with the memorable domain name of "hcsfjm.com," which stands for "hot cum sandwich for John McCain."

We can expect a lot more of this kind of stuff between now and whenever these bitter old gals are dumped off by their families at the Budget-Kare Rest Home.

A civilized society does not hand out guns to anybody with $8 of available credit on their Providian card -- and yet anyone with the same financial resources can buy a domain name and create a terrible website.

index [hcsfjm.com]


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