Anti-Vaxxers Vs. Trump Tower: Let Them Fight.

Anti-Vaxxers Vs. Trump Tower: Let Them Fight.

Yesterday we told you about poor dumb Candace Owens trying to interview the President, just kidding she was trying to interview Donald Trump, and she had such an agenda! "Explain us how Joe Biden murdered everyone with vaccine," she said (paraphrase), and Donald Trump was like "vaccines protect you, they're great, I invented them" (verbatim quote sort of mostly). Whatever you think of Trump (LOL it is not a secret "whatever" you think of Trump), his saying the vaccines are good is a good thing that we should be happy about. The more his idiots get vaccinated, the less your doctor sister has to deal with their families spitting on her because she didn't give them the Tough-Acting 'Mectin as they lay dying.

But some folks are :(

In our family, we have a Rules Lawyer. "I am not jumping on the couch, I am moving my weight between furnitures. Your argument is invalid." She is six years old. So far she hasn't told us that our enjoinder on couch weight-moving violates her freedom of movement, her right to assemble, and also Free Will, but you know that's coming.

Now check out Mr. Rules Lawyer up there explaining "burden of proof" for "going in restaurant." He is very good at law! "They have to prove to us that we're a threat. [...] They're asking us for proof of medical records! So the burden of proof goes on them because they're assuming we're a threat because we don't have a vaccine. So prove to me that we're a threat."

Shut up is why.

Anyway, enjoy the cop laughing in their faces that "restaurant reservation" is not a constitutional right — neither is couch jumping, Mini Tom Cruise — and enjoy that Fox News has created an army of zombies that won't even listen to Trump and we're all gonna die.

Merry Christmas!

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Rebecca Schoenkopf

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