Anyone Ever Notice How Injustice Always Somehow Benefits Twitter? Just Sayin'!


  • All the aid that you donated yesterday via your Facebook status and also actual organizations that will send relief money is having a hard time reaching people buried under their own homes in Haiti. [New York Times]
  • Oh and speaking of: Haiti has been the "Iranian elections of natural disasters" for Twitter, which, almost in spite of itself, has again proven useful for the second (2nd) time in its history. [WSJ]
  • Obama's new tax proposal will tax $90 billion out of our country's biggest financial institutions. This will help small companies, is the idea. [Washington Post]
  • There is now a "credible threat" against the US coming from Yemen's newly doomed al-Qaeda chapter. [CNN]
  • Meanwhile, the scout leader of al-Qaeda: Pakistan is not dead, despite all the missiles America fired at him yesterday that were supposed to have procured exactly that. [AP]
  • China will not ease up on its online censorship, despite threats from Google, the "China of the Internet," to closetab on the country. [Times Online]

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