AOC Wants Birth Control To Be Free And Over-The-Counter, As It Should Be!


Hey, do you like to save money? Sure, we all do! Well, what if I told you there was A WAY to save American taxpayers at least $12 billiona year without screwing anyone over? I'd hope you'd say "Yes, that seems like a fantastic idea, let's do that please!"

WELL THERE IS. And it is making sure that anyone who can get pregnant has access to effective birth control. Which, you know, would cost a hell of a lot less than $12 billion!

Yesterday, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez announced on Twitter that she believes that not only should birth control be available over-the-counter, but also that it should be FREE.

This is a very good idea!

Naturally, a bunch of dipshits who can't do math good responded on Twitter by screaming about how "free stuff" is bad. For "reasons."

You would think that, given how much Republicans hate abortions and paying taxes, this would be something they could get behind. Alas, it's almost like they don't realize that unintended pregnancies cost taxpayers a whole lot more than birth control would. Either that, or they are just assholes. But it is probably both of those things. Maybe they like paying extra money for the privilege of, uh, I don't know what.

Anyway! This is now your open thread! Sorry it's so short, but I gotta haul ass to the East Village and see SOME of your beautiful faces. Also, for those of you who are coming... I do not actually look like Linda Ronstadt even though Rebecca says I do. Just look for some very big hair and a bright yellow floral throw-over thing, and that will be me. See you soon!


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Robyn Pennacchia

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