AOC Wears Fancy Dress Instead Of Burlap Sack On Television Show, Idiots Cry Hypocrisy

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On Wednesday morning, Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez stopped by The View to chat about Bernie Sanders and the primary... and can you believe it? She wore clothes. Like, actual human clothes that she bought at a store, probably. In fact, she wore a super cute purple leopard sequin dress that I am pretty jealous of.

Highlighting one tweet with 12 likes from a lady with about 600 followers, The New York Post did a whole entire article this morning on all of the "tongues wagging" about how AOC was wearing a fancy designer dress by Rickie Freeman, because of how she is a hypocrite.

Oh, for shame!

Via The New York Post:

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a Democratic socialite!

The lefty darling set tongues wagging when she donned a luxe designer dress for her Wednesday appearance on "The View."

"Don't you love it when an avowed SOCIALIST wears $580 dresses from Rickie Freeman? I mean, who doesn't need a sequin leopard dress to be an effective Congresswoman?" snarked Conservative Erica Nurnberg in a tweet.

"This all sequin design showcases an on-trend leopard print throughout and a gathered detail at the waist," touts the online Saks Fifth Avenue description of the roundneck, longsleeve leopard print sheath dress.

The congresswoman with a cause may have ponied up the $580 for the polyester glam, but if she checked the sales rack recently, could have snagged it for the comparatively cost-conscious price of $232.

This makes sense, as do accusations that Bernie Sanders has failed at being a good socialist because he has some nice houses, only if you willfully misunderstand literally everything they are saying and insist that they actually want all of us to take vows of poverty and stand in breadlines all day. That is not what they want, it is not what anyone wants. What they actually want is for everyone to be able to afford to have nice things every once in a while.

For the record, Rickie Freeman For Teri Jon dresses are made in America. Personally, I think it is far more ethical β€” if you're going to buy new clothes β€” to buy a few nice things that cost a little more, knowing that the workers who made them were not children working in a sweatshop, than to buy a fuckton of cheap fast fashion items. We've become really used to paying way less for clothing than it costs to ethically manufacture them, and it's worth considering that those who can should buy fewer things but pay more for things that made in countries with solid labor laws.

However, AOC pointed out in a tweet that she actually rents, borrows and thrifts her clothes, which is an even better way to keep things ethical when you have the kind of job that sometimes requires fancier items. Also, sequins are awesome.

Ironically, the people who think that we should trust most of our social welfare to the individual actions of rich people willing to selflessly give their fortunes away are largely conservative. In fact, that is pretty much the basis for a lot of right-wing libertarianism β€” that we don't need social programs, because if rich people are not "forced" to give up their money, they will give it away freely out of the goodness of their hearts. Giving money away is nice, but it's not quite as helpful or effective as actually changing the system so that people don't get screwed so badly in the first place.

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