AOL Buys Arianna Huffington's Famous Internet Website

AOL Buys Arianna Huffington's Famous Internet Website
  • Sweet Jeebus, AOL has agreed to purchase popular liberal/Brangelina Internet destination "The Huffington Post" for $315 million! Why does AOL think this is a wise investment? And will Arianna Huffington's citizen journalists continue to Win the Afternoon, with the hottest hot scoops ("D-List Celebrity Has Boobs" and "Ten Things You Didn't Know About Celebrities Who Have Boobs" and "BREAKING: So Many Boobs!")? There is probably a HuffPo "personality quiz" and/or slideshow that can answer both of these important questions. [CNN]
  • America won the Super Bowl last night! Did anybody else watch the "halftime show" and immediately think, "Oh, so this is what happens when Albert Speer's Cathedral of Light has buttsex with MTV"? [NYT]

  • A new reality teevee show will follow the real-life true story of a man who is hunting for Bigfoot in the hills of North Carolina, using "Zagnut candy bars" as bait. [McClatchy]

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