Apparently All Kennedys, Including Ethel, Just Flip Tables Over Constantly Like They Are Cool Real Housewives


We have not been keeping up on the day to day dribs and drabs oozing forth from this Mr. Edward Klein fellow's excellent new Barack Obama biography, "Michelle Obama Is A Jealous Twat She Even Hates Oprah Burn Her." But one excerpt featured on Glenn Beck's The Blaze did catch our eye! And that is that Barack Obama is such a terrible snooty liar that even America's reigning kings of snooty liars, the Kennedy Klan, think he is a snooty liar! Then? They throw some shit. Even Ethel Kennedy is just constantly flipping tables like that chick from Real Housewives of New Jersey, the bankrupt one with the forehead and the hair and the baby-man husband always pawing at her tit.

“There had always been tensions at Kennedy family gatherings — fist fights and overturned tables were not unheard of — and this event was no exception,” Klein writes in an advanced copy obtained by The Blaze. That “event” was a meeting in 2009, which featured a who’s who in the Kennedy family, including Ted. The family figurehead, a family source tells Klein, tried to propose a toast to Obama twice, and Caroline joined in. But not everyone was happy about it: the night included a finger-pointing argument between Bobby and Ted, and Bobby even got so angry he broke his fluted glass after squeezing it too hard.

[Some stuff about how Caroline is a super-shitty entitled princess that doesn't even bring up how she demanded a New York Senate seat just for being her. Also, she hates Obama now.]

Ethel Kennedy, “the matriarch of the family,” similarly felt scorned, according to Klein. He tells a story of her invitation — extended to the First Family — being ignored by the Obamas. She got so upset “that she went on a rampage inside her house, cursing the president and turning over furniture.”

Ethel Kennedy is 84 years old.


Rebecca Schoenkopf

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