Return of the '90s and Advice For Obama Re: Cheney

Return of the '90s and Advice For Obama Re: Cheney
  • Tuesday, May 26 through Sunday, May 31: There's no musical that screams young white suburban angst like RENT. It managed to make AIDS the hit disease that all the teen-aged girls wanted, as did it make hating your parents and wanting to live in abject poverty the coolest things ever!! Regardless, it's a great show, and two of the original cast members are back for the DC production. [Warner Theater]

  • Tonight through Sunday, June 14: Legacy of Light, yet another play that appeals to the womenfolk in DC, is about babies and the ways that they can ruin a woman’s life. The play's got time travel, physics, a little bit of religion, some ethics, and amazingly no major Republican opposition. It hits on every level imaginable and the best part is that it’s actually understandable. No CliffNotes necessary -- just what we like! [Arena Stage]
  • Saturday, May 23 through Sunday, June 14: Imagine if Obama was trying to get away from Cheney and in order to do so he had to fight a giant, kill a squid, wrestle with an angel, and, in the end, just beg God to smack him down. Well, Crazyface, presented by the Constellation Theater Company, tells a story similar Obama’s current saga, only with more clowns and less torture. Perhaps Barack and Michelle’s next date night should include a trip to the play; it might give him some ideas for his next move. [Source]
  • Tonight through Wednesday, July 1: Danny Boyle is famous for Slumdog Millionaire, but before he was bringing home Oscars and ruining the lives of the film’s child stars, he was a just a regular old filmmaker. This weekend and next weekend, AFI is showcasing some of his films from his pre-fame/child-abuse days. [AFI]
  • Closing Sunday May, 24: The Rise and Fall of Annie Hall, a play about a neurotic young Jew’s quest for happiness and fame in New York City, ends its run at the JCC on Sunday. While the story plays to every Jewish stereotype and way overuses the words "Facebook" and "dude," it succeeds in making the audience laugh and/or contemplate ending their long-term relationship if they haven’t already done so. Non-Jews and even the youth will enjoy the show, but it's safe to say that if you're fat, old and balding you’ll fit in a little bit better with the audience. [Theater J]

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