April Fooled

The DNC's idea of a joke: Announce a series of debates between Bush and Kerry.

Get it? GET IT? No? Well, apparently neither did anyone else, and the DNC was forced to issue a second press release, this time explaining that the debates were a joke. We'd like to believe this was their plan all along. . . that would be sort of funny.

But other politicos' ideas for an April Fool's joke were just as hilarious. Like, Planned Parenthood spoofed the White House homepage. (Abortion rights=comedy gold.) And WhiteHouse.org and Landover Baptist Church actually took down their own sites, pretending that they had been taken over by the DOJ. Funny because it's true, indeed.

Our April Fool's joke was to get some lady to pose as "Ana Marie Cox" at the launch party of the newest Gawker Media Empire brand extension, Kinja. No one was the wiser.

(Today, Jeff Jarvis called her the "prettiest blogger" -- ouch. Why not go with "tallest short person"?)


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