AP's Mysterious Iraqi Police Source Is Real & Soon To Be Executed

World's greatest journalist! - WonketteU.S. bloggers will be thrilled to learn that the Iraqi police official who frequently gave horrific scoops to Baghdad's AP bureau will soon be arrested and probably executed by Iraq's government. This will teach those Blame America First people to always doubt actual journalists crazy enough to try to report news from Iraq, where the main news is everybody gets kidnapped and blown up and decapitated, every single day, forever.

Bravely looking for the "good news" from Iraq, myriad bloggers were outraged to learn some dirty Iraqi police dude was giving bad news to the America-hating U.S. reporters. Patriotic bloggers such as Michelle Malkin's husband boldly determined that Iraqi policeman Jamil Gholaiem Hussein didn't exist. Malkin was supposedly going to Iraq to prove this point and even got a former evil Main Stream Media super-executive to pay for her trip, but for some reason she's now begging for money to go over there and personally lose the war.

Now that the evil fake liberal MSM moonbat turns out to be an actual Iraqi policeman telling his stories out of either disgust, fear, rage or hunger, there is still a chance that Michelle Malkin can find him in Iraq and strangle him with her own hands -- but only if you send her five bucks on PayPal or something. The Blogo-World is so very awesome! Let freedom reign!

Shocking Twist: Disputed AP Source in Iraq Does Exist -- And Now Faces Arrest for Talking to Media [E&P]

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