Are Bremmer's Pies Improvised Exploding Devices?

If He Really Learned Any Cooking Tips In Iraq Those Pies Would Be LoadedThe Food section of the WaPo, usually home to dozens of recipes for zucchini and items on where to buy adorable kitchen magnets, contains a truly revelatory story today, disclosing the serious chef side of Iraq reconstruction czar L. Paul Bremer. He is classically trained, having studied at L'Academie de Cuisine and under Henri-Etienne Levy. He tells the post that a La Cornue range in his Vermont home "was an important part of my sanity" while in Baghdad and that he kept a picture of it on his computer desktop. The man could not wait to get home to his stove. Relationship with Mrs. Bremer apparently not so hot.

From Diplomacy to Demi-Glace [WP]


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