Are Maureen Dowd's Metaphors Necessary?

Maureen Dowd: She's an angry metaphor factory gone wild! In a single answer during an interview with the Austin Chronicle, she compares journalism to the "Wild West," "that quiz show where you try to put as many things in your supermarket basket as you can in 30 seconds," and "liquid history." Yes, we like a little drink now and again ourselves, Maureen. Train wreck continues later in the interview, when she observers of FEMA's Mike Brown, "How can he still be on the payroll? If this were a Judy Holliday movie, she'd go to a shareholder's meeting and have a revolt." Where are these FEMA shareholder meetings, we wonder. They really can't be turning much of a profit. Sell, Maureen, sell!

Coffee Tawk With Maureen Dowd [Austin Chronicle]


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