Are Republicans Waterboarding Olympia Snowe?

Are Republicans Waterboarding Olympia Snowe?

You should read this whole Ezra Klein interview with Sen. Jay Rockefeller if you have the time, because Rockefeller is doing his best to preserve some kind of decent health care bill in the Senate, and candidly hints at all sorts of things: "I think the world of Olympia Snowe. She's got incredible courage, and the Republican leadership is brutal in the way they apply pressure... They bring the hammer down on her, and I'm not going to say how," and "If you really want to be honest about it, eight to 10 percent of the members of Congress understand health care. At maximum. I chaired the intelligence committee, and health care makes it look like riding on a tricycle it's so complicated. So what you have is lobbyists picking on congressmen who don't know health-care reform..." In other words, it's a brand new Washington! [Ezra Klein]


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