Are Texas Aggies the New Late Night Shots Stars?

Hail Satan! - WonketteThanks to the miracle of the Internets, we see the Aggies are talking about our Robert M. Gates post on Wednesday -- Gates is the Texas A&M president and ex-CIA/Iran-Contra guy sent by Bush 41 to take over the Pentagon.

Those comments were sane enough, so we were compelled to go fishing for crazy on that same TexAgs message board. We found it, and you get to see it, after the jump.

Some soon-to-be-killed Aggie started a message thread called "Frankly, Rummy should be in jail right now." Here's how that turned out.

* And you should be in state nervous hospital. Mmmmm-hmmmmm.

* he's been undercut by lefties like you and politicians almost every step of the way and you try to blame HIM. if blood is on anyone's hands, its yours and your putrid kind! and now, more will undoubtedly be killed because of YOUR cowardice and complete moronic notion of what's going on over there. get a lobotomy, get sterilized and remove yourself from the gene pool.

* Ban user and delete thread! Absolutely crazy.

* Stupid thread. Put poster in prison, make up new law, then execute him by lethally jabbing pinecones up his ass until his heart stops.

* I hate dumb pieces of **** that start threads like this....if you don't like who runs this country so much....move to fing France!!

Frankly, Rummy should be in jail right now []


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