Are We There Yet? Some Quick First Impressions

·Kerry's victory rally makes us wonder: Isn't there a law by now to prohibit the use of U2's "Beautiful Day" at a rally of any sort? No? We would vote for the candidate that promised to legislate this. [C-SPAN]

· Speaking of things that sounded good the first time we heard them, Edwards delivers that great stump speech "up to six times a day." He's now fighting "a war of attrition." [FT/Yahoo]

·Clark has dropped out, though we defy you to look at his speech and find any indication of this. It's all "thank you" and "It's time we reclaimed the mantle for a better America." Whatevs. Official announcement today. [CNN and]

·Dean continues to pretend he has a chance, now talking to the only ones he may actually convince: "In questions with some of the roughly 75 children and teenagers at the youth center, Dean underscored how important Wisconsin's Feb. 17 primary is for him." [AP/Yahoo]

·Kucinich got some votes. We think his new ads are cute. []

· Who's surprised that Sharpton (who also got some votes) is a craven opportunist? His former campaign manager, that's who! "I said we should have nothing to do with this ultra-right-wing sleazeball." Ha ha. [Village Voice]

And, just in case you think the nomination's all sewed up, Chris Matthews puts it all in perspective: "You could have sex tonight! And the baby would be born! Before November!"

We'll end for now on that note.


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