Are You Ready For Some CALIFORNIA PRIMARIES? (Yeah, And Those Other States, Too)

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It's another primary election day, and in California, that means it's time to scramble! In the state's "Top Two" primary system, like a million candidates run, and then the top two, regardless of party, are on the ballot for the general election in November. The arrangement is also called a "nonpartisan blanket primary," a "qualifying primary," or a "jungle primary." Which sounds racist, though it's probably meant to be social Darwinist (same diff). That's been the law since 2010, and in Cali* this year, some districts that looked like excellent chances to flip from their current unpopular or retiring Republican officeholders may just end up with Republicans winning first and second place in the primary because large numbers of Democratic candidates might split the vote. See Yr Wonkette's look at the 39th District, where Ed Royce is quitting and Dems may not even be in the general because TOO MANY CHOICES.

*The editrix, who lived in Los Angeles the first 41 years of her life, minus college, does not care if you don't like the appellation "Cali," because if it is good enough for LL Cool J, it is good enough for YOU.

Vox has a nice piece on the potential for the "good government" idea to go very, very badly this year, too. Even so, there were seven districts where GOP incumbents held on in 2016, often narrowly, while Hillary Clinton took the presidential vote, so let's look for several to flip. ALL OF THEM to flip. Imagine there's no Dana Rohrabacher in Congress. It's easy if you try.

We'll also know by tomorrow whether US Senator Dianne Feinstein will be facing some looneybird rando Republican this fall, or Democratic former Senate President Kevin de León, for the sake of some good old Democratic infighting.

Also too, there's the race for governor, which has some novelty value since Jerry Brown is retiring to be a pain in Donald Trump's ass in the private sector. The Dems have a battle of former mayors going, between San Francisco's Gavin Newsom and LA's Antonio Villaraigosa, plus state Treasurer John Chiang and former state public schools Superintendent Delaine Eastin. There are also some Republicans, one of whom was endorsed by Donald Trump and who will be disowned by Donald Trump if the top two slots go to Democrats.

Seven other states also hold primaries today! They are Montana, Alabama, Iowa, Mississippi, New Jersey, New Mexico and South Dakota. Wonkers who live in those states should fill us all in about the hot races there; we know at least this much about the Montana primary:

And if that isn't the nicest thing a mommyblogger could do for her mom's birthday, we don't know what is, THE END.

Oh, will Yr Wonkette be liveblogging the primaries? Here is your answer:

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In conclusion, this is your open thread and we are DEAD.

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