Are You Talkin' to Joe Klein? You Talkin' to Joe Klein?

Joe Klein is actually missing the top half of his skull, which explains his columns - WonketteThe point at which we really, really should've stopped reading Joe Klein's Time piece on Rudy Giuliani:

As a New Yorker born and bred and vehement about my city, I thought Rudy Giuliani was a terrific mayor.

The point at which we came to our senses and read no further:

But the next President will have to be a skilled diplomat as well. And when it comes to Rudy and diplomacy, fuhgeddaboutit!

Ha ha ha ha "fuhgeddabouitit"! That's what Italians say! Rudy Giuliani is Italian! Ha ha ha ha ha! Maybe President Giuliani would "make Israel and Palestine an offer they can't refuse"! Wouldn't that be very, very funny?

President Fuhgeddaboutit (no, we did not make that headline up, we were hoping it was the fault of some moronic copy-ed, not actually Joe Klein himself -- when will we learn?) [TIME]


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