Are you there God? It's Me, Fred

An ethereal light surrounds me... Fred Thompson gets religion. He just doesn't like to get preachy on the trail. And he kind of thinks that's just fine with God. "As far as faith is concerned, I have not made any secret as to where I am. I am a Christian," Thompson told CNN, noting that he hits church every time he visits his mamma in Tennessee. "I have no apologies to make about my religion or my relationship to Jesus Christ or God."

A recent column claims Thompson has not done better in the polls because "he lacks a religious niche" and "Christian conservatives have not been amused or enthused" by his lack of church attendance and the few times he has talked of his faith.

Thompson was dismissive: "I'm OK with the Lord, and the Lord is OK with me, as far as I can tell."

(Cue lightening)

Thompson: I'm OK with the Lord, and the Lord is OK with me [CNN]


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