Aren't All Blind Dates Kind of Crazy?

If watching your 401(k) melt into bits of string and space trash has only whetted your appetite for MORE risk, we would like to introduce you This online sensation differs from other dating websites in that it essentially matches you based upon availability -- rather than "49,000 proven measures of compatibility" or whatever they're all claiming these days.

To explain further: You decide that you want to get a drink, with another human, in about 30 minutes. You can go to the site's "date wizard," select some neighborhoods in DC and the amount of time it would take you to get there upon notification of a date. You select what kind of bar you'd like (or coffee house, for lamers), and whether you want to meet a man, woman or either. Then some magical Internet stuff happens, and presumably a few minutes later, you get an email with a blurry picture of someone who also wants to meet for drinks, in your selected time slots/neighborhoods.

Fun? Terrible? Tell us about it. [Crazy Blind Date DC]


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