For months, Washington has hummed with rumors about how former press secretary Ari Fleischer might be involved in the Plame Investigation. One theory is that he is Judy Miller's source. Another theory, far more attractive, is that the real center ring of prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald's dog-and-pony show is the prosecution of Fleischer for perjury. These rumors have now broken the surface and Fleischer's name is appearing more frequently news accounts of the case. Off the record, someone's been dining out on this quote for literally years, though apparently it's bought him a couple of rounds more recently as well. We've been told comes from an ex-admin official:

"Ari testified for three hours. There's no way he could do that and not lie."
We know our sources mean well in keeping this leaker's identity a secret, but a real Washington mystery would be finding someone who hasn't said that. And hey, if the Bush administration is going to throw someone under the train on this one, might as well be someone nobody's gonna miss.

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