Arianna Huffington Has Unique Take On Clinton Appointment

We'll put this nicely since we don't wish to become victims ofGawker-style HuffPo blogroll revenge: GIVE THE POOR DUO A CHANCE, FAIREST ARIANNA! She writes in this column of hers, "It's a Nora Ephron romantic comedy. When Hillary Met Barack. Sleepless in Chappaqua. You've Got Fundraising Email. Two intensely driven politicians cross paths, each seeking the highest office in the land -- talk about a cute meet!" Just... gahh... hmm... we see the writerly device here and it's tritevapidplagiarism of Maureen Dowd not very edifying. Look. This selection process has been the most drama-free thing a Clinton has ever done. Celebrate! [HuffPo]


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