Arizona 'Boycott' Ineffective Against Arizona's Booming Steakhouse Industry

Are you tired of all the lamestream media hype over the so-called Arizona "boycott"? Well then take your private jet down to Scottsdale and eat some steak. Eating steak is the best way to thwart Rage Against the Machine:

Though August in these parts is considered a dead month for the hospitality industry, there were a decent number of hotel guests at the pool, at the bar, and more than a few insane enough to hit the links. And at the Phoenician flagship restaurant, the J&G Steakhouse, according to general manager Chris Wessling, business was actually better than expected for that time of year. Aside from the hotel patrons, locals have clearly gotten word of the gastronomic delights served up by J&G's celebchef Jean-Georges Vongerichten and his Scottsdale point man Jacques Qualin (who made his bones at Taillevent). And what's not to love about an 18-ounce ribeye and a whole Dover sole served tableside?

A whole Dover sole served tableside, miles and miles away from the nearest Mexican.


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