Arizona Guy Loves Guns So Much You Must Elect Him to Congress Now


Here is excitable-looking Arizona nitwit congressional candidate "Ron Gould" runnin' around with his flat-top 'do and his murder weapons and his pack o' hounds before he takes a quick break from huntin' Mexicans in the desert to pump buckshot into "government-run health care," meaning the federal health care reform law requiring citizens to purchase private insurance, from private companies. PRINCIPLES. For his next ad, "Ron Gould" will pump buckshot into leeching Arizona seniors crying for their government-run Medicare, probably.

For more stupid, we go to the Huffington Post, which has this ridiculous detail about Ron Gould's idiot son and this terrible ad:

The ad features men fondling guns and includes appearances from Gould's sons, Ron Jr. and Robert Gould. But Robert does not carry a weapon in the ad, and for good reason: In January, he was sentenced to 90 days in jail after a felony theft conviction, which makes it illegal for him to possess firearms.


Patrick Gerhart, Gould's campaign manager, said that the campaign made sure to keep Gould's felonious son away from the weapons. "His son Robert was not around any of those shots. His son Ronnie was in those shots," Gerhart noted accurately.

Well! Good to know that some thought went into the ad, at least. [YouTube/HuffPo]


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