Arizona Lawmaker Shows Off Her Loaded Gun By Pointing It At Reporter


Every day Arizona Republicans work just a little bit harder to more closely resemble the violent idiot parody rife with blood-soaked hillbillies wandering around shooting at each other that we usually picture when we think about this state. State senator Lori Klein is today's cartoonishly moronic protagonist, forpulling a loaded gun out of her purse without the safety switched on and pointing it at a journalist trying to interview her about gun rights. "I just didn't have my hand on the trigger" was her official gun safety strategy, according to Klein. At least Jesus didn't make her sneeze. 

So this happened, and who calls in to complain about this life-threatening incident perpetrated by a fringe gun nut/ elected representative with zero formal gun safety training? Other pro-gun rights people, naturally, mad that she is giving gun nuts a bad name.

The Arizona Guardian reports:

“Whoever would do something like that needs to have a better grounding in gun safety before ever laying a hand on a firearm,” said Rob Mermelstein, the range master of the Phoenix Rod and Gun Club.

Mermelstein went on to say that Klein's actions were "unconscionable" and goes against every standard of gun safety he teaches at the club. In addition, he says, these kinds of stories hurt the cause of gun owners as they try to keep the government from restricting their Second Amendment rights.

"It goes with out saying firearms owners are waging a nonstop battle for PR and any type of incident like this is not favorable to the gun-owing public," he said during a telephone interview on Sunday.

Klein made headlines in January after bringing her loaded gun into the House and Senate chambers just two days after the mass shooting in Tucson.

Klein says she carries the gun in her purse. In the past she's said that her Ruger goes wherever she does. And according to Sunday's article, the Republican lawmaker said her gun was "so cute" right before pulling out.

Blood, also, is "adorable." Jesus Christ. [Arizona Guardian]

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