Arizona Talk Radio Gal Who Called Obama 'Monkey' Has Excellent Reason Why She Is Not Racist

Arizona Talk Radio Gal Who Called Obama 'Monkey' Has Excellent Reason Why She Is Not Racist

Listen to that honeyed voice, belonging to one Barbara Espinosa, a sweet old grandma type who loves nothing more than to go on her radio show, "Hair on Fire," and say things about how she voted for the white guy and how she doesn't call Obama "the first black president" but prefers to call him "a monkey" instead.

Surely, Ms. Espinosa couldn't be ... A RACIST????!!!!!

Of course not, DON'T BE RIDICULOSE!

So, are some of Ms. Espinosa's best friends black? Well, no. Is her calling Mr. Obama "a monkey" the fault of the Google, for hosting images of racist monkey cartoons she was sent? Sure! But here is the best reason Barbara Espinosa is not a racist, and we are sure you all will agree it is air-tight and if anything it just makes too much sense:

Barbara Espinosa cannot be a racist because her last name is Espinosa. CASE CLOSED!

CASE REOPENED! Does this fly in the face of every conservative statement for the past 30 years, about how minorities are the real racists? Yes. Does "logical consistency" or "coherence" or "not being a giant racist" matter to Barbara Espinosa? MAYBE -- PERHAPS -- the answer is "no."

Here, to finish off this post in an elegant manner, is Barbara Espinosa's explanation regarding her calling the president of the United States a monkey, and why that is not racist.

Oh fine, here, via intrepid commenter La_Cieca, is her cached apology. And now we are done.

[ThinkProgress, via intrepid Wonkette operative "Weejee"]

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