Arlen Specter Demonstrates Youthful Energy With Strange Old-Person Insults


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Democratic polls close in Pennslyvania at 8 o'clock. The big question on MSNBC earlier today, from Andrea Mitchell, was can Arlen Specter even stay awake that late? A question of that nature, at least, to which Specter replied, "If you talk about Sestak being more vigorous, you must be smoking Dutch cleanser." Can't Specter just win the primary for saying that epic thing?

Because why Joe Sestak, really? Perhaps more rigorous followers of this race can explain it, but why is "the Left" supposed to be so excited about voting for a really annoying and arrogant congressman who just says whatever the left flank wants to hear, whether he believes it or not, as opposed to a modestly annoying, opportunist senior senator who's still voted reliably for the past year and without whom there would have been no health care reform bill, period? (And maybe not a stimulus package, either!) Seems like a win-win. And yes, Joe Sestak, we know that Arlen Specter used to be a moderate Republican. But Dick Shelby was a Democrat until he switched in 1994, and he seems to have had no problem dropping his love of socialism and homosexuality. (Can't confirm that entirely.)

It must just be fun to kick out incumbents. Yeah, they're all pigs! Vote 'em all out! They're idiots and Joe Sestak will change America! Eh, maybe.


We'll have a liveblog in a bit, huzzah.


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