Nope, no curtain call. Get back in there, asshole.Arlen Specter has an editorial in USA Today today (today) telling the world that he will vote to confirm Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court. The world, of course, does not care. Arlen Specter holds no power over Supreme Court nominations anymore, but even if he did, the news media has finally stopped covering Supreme Court hearings as they are nothing more than a boring marathon of trying to not say anything that means anything for days on end. But that doesn't stop Arlen from trying to wow us with the amazing suspense of whether he will support his new party's Supreme Court nominee or not.

In addition to her intellect, academic and professional qualifications, Kagan did just enough to win my vote by her answers that television would be good for the country and the court, and by identifying Justice Marshall as her role model.

That won your vote? The fact that she answered two questions? Arlen Specter is pissed that the country no longer pays attention to his theatrical Supreme Court hearings, and it's obvious it's especially painful because this was his last one. Most of the op-ed is "HEY, ANSWER QUESTIONS, YOU MEANIE," and the fact that Kagan answered any questions at all warmed his sad heart just barely enough to vote for her.

Of course, what Arlen Specter thinks about Kagan does not matter at all. Supreme Court nominations are now automatic for anyone who seems to be qualified for the job. So Arlen has just wasted time writing this article that could have been better spent dying.

God speed, Arlen. Enjoy the last story you will ever see about yourself. [USA Today]


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