Arlen Specter Is Not Keeping Up With Pornography

Ugh - WonketteSnarlin' Arlen Specter is so quaint. The moderate Republican senator is about 95 years old and still married to his lone wife, and his kids don't hate him, and he's apparently ignorant of the main pornography performers. If you've just returned to America from a 25-year trip abroad, you may have noticed pornography is the primary form of American media and entertainment today. From your work computer to the public bathroom to your home computer and back to the public bathroom again, pornography is "America's Industry."

And one thing the porno performers do is visit Congress and give advice on the pornography tax relief or whatever, which is why the porn actress Jenna Jameson (one of the main pornography people) got a Capitol tour from an unnamed staffer or intern from Arlen Specter's office.

Specter had no clue about any of it. The Washington Post confronted the elderly senator:

"I don't recognize that name. Who? General Jameson?" Specter asked.

"No, sir, Jenna. She's, well, she's kind of an actress, in, well, uh, the adult film industry," Kane explained.

"Paul, do you mean pornos?" Specter chuckled.

"Yes, senator, that's what we'd call it."

"I don't think I'm meeting her," Specter said.

Capitol Police had the opposite response. The buffoonish cops waddled as fast as they could to be photographed with the sex performer.

Sen. Specter Asks: Who's This Jenna Jameson? [WaPo/Sleuth]


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